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The entire process of manufacturing printed circuit boards follows the actions below for some applications:

Fundamental Steps for Production Printed Circuit Boards:

1. Setup - the process of determining materials, processes, and requirements to meet the customer's requirements for the board design based on the Gerber file information supplied with the purchase purchase.

2. Imaging - the entire process of moving the Gerber file - http://kscripts.com/?s=Gerber%20file information for a layer onto an etch resist film that is placed in the copper layer that is conductive.

3. Etching - the standard procedure of exposing the copper as well as other areas unprotected by the etch resist movie to a chemical that eliminates the unprotected copper, leaving the protected copper pads and traces in spot; more recent processes use plasma/laser etching instead of chemical compounds to get rid of the copper product, allowing finer line definitions.

4. Multilayer Pressing - the entire process of aligning the conductive copper and insulating dielectric layers and pressing them under heat to trigger the adhesive within the dielectric layers to form a solid board product.

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